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Brigade Hose Reel Foam Fire Truck 6.45m Lifting 4x2 Drive

집단 호스 릴 거품 소방 트럭 6.45m 상승 4x2 드라이브

  • 하이 라이트

    집단 호스 릴 거품 소방 트럭


    6.45m 상승 거품 소방 트럭


    4x2 드라이브 거품 소방 트럭

  • 차원
  • 전부하 집단
  • 좌석
  • 최대 토크
    1390N • m
  • 드라이브 형식
  • 맥스. 속도
  • 차축 거리
  • 엔진 힘
  • 10000kg
  • 거품
    2000 킬로그램
  • 원래 장소
    샹하이 중국
  • 브랜드 이름
  • 인증
  • 모델 번호
  • 최소 주문 수량
    1 유닛
  • 가격
  • 포장 세부 사항
    명부 명부
  • 배달 시간
  • 지불 조건
    L/C (신용장), 인수 인도, D/P (지급도 조건), 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온, 머니그램
  • 공급 능력
    300 유닛 / 년

집단 호스 릴 거품 소방 트럭 6.45m 상승 4x2 드라이브

Dry Powder Gun And Hose Reel Foam Fire Truck Brigade Truck 6.45m Lifting



Dry powder tank

Dry powder filling capacity: 500Kg

Working pressure: 1.2 ~ 1.4MPa

Dry powder tank is a pressure vessel which is mainly welded by Q345R material. It is made of feeding powder port, discharging powder port, nitrogen delivery pipe and discharge powder tube, tank nitrogen delivery pipe is a ring shape which is equipped with multiple intake valves, so that gas and powder can mixing uniformly, with fluidized state. The design of intake valve makes dry powder be inaccessible to nitrogen gas delivery pipe.

7.3 Dry powder gun and hose reel: 2 sets (30m)

Effective spray rate: 5Kg/s

집단 호스 릴 거품 소방 트럭 6.45m 상승 4x2 드라이브 0 Shot range: ≥12m

7.4 Pressure reducing valve and safety valve

This device use Chinese reducing valve. It is a special pressure reducing valve of dry powder fire extinguishing equipment which has features of reliable performance, small size, large gas supply, safety and convenience.


7.5 dry powder system control box

Equipped with air source main valve, air filter, in the electric steering box is equipped with solenoid valve, fuse boxes, relay, binding post and so on.


Manufacturer MAN
Model TGS33.400
Drive type 6x4
Emission standard Euro 3
Max. total mass 15000kg
PTO Suitable for pump operation
Engine Model MAN D2066LF49
Max. power 294kw


Fire pump

Manufacturer Rosenbauer
Model R600
Flow 90L/s
Pressure 1.0MPa
Water diversion Piston primer pump
Max. vacuum degree ≥85 kPa
Priming time ≤80s
Auto ring pump foam PH48x2
Type Manual
Mixing ratio 3%, 6%